UpNY Visits Miraval Berkshires

UpNY was recently invited to check out the newly opened Miraval Berkshires. Their Berkshires location being their third and most recent, Miraval is well known for their world-renowned spa and wellness center in Arizona and now also in Austin, Texas. Their Berkshire location is exceptional. We highly recommend visiting in the early fall to coordinate with the best leaf peeping, however we were told activities are endless even in the dead of winter.

Upon arrival you receive a plethora of goodies to welcome you including a tote and water bottle and a guide to everything Miraval has to offer for your stay. Their list of over 200 classes is overwhelming in a good way. You know you can come back many times and never experience everything they have to offer.

Experience advisors are on call all day to help coordinate your schedule and make sure you get to do everything you desire. From yoga to meditation, guided hikes, equine therapy, spa treatments, and so much more you will never be bored. And if you want to be bored you are always welcome to cancel any part of your schedule and just enjoy the amazing amenities like the indoor/outdoor pools like we did.

One of our favorite activities and a major highlight of our trip was a guided hike through the beautiful Berkshire mountains with our tour guide Mike – an expert on all the fungi and animals we came across. Mike had us fascinated with not only hundreds of different mushroom and plant facts but surprisingly some personal breakthroughs as we walked along together. That’s the most special part of Miraval, when you’re least expecting it – the staff can help you dig deep into things you didn’t even realize were on your mind. We can’t say enough compliments about the staff at this property – they really make the experience unique and impactful.

On a more practical note, the food was incredible too. When food is all inclusive generally you don’t expect intricate meals with many ingredients but that’s just what you get at the Miraval kitchen. From new daily soups at each meal to 5 course dinners – it was hard to stay away from the culinary area during our stay.

The cherry on top is the facility itself, everything feels brand new and the aerial yoga studios and spa really took the cake for us. We highly recommend a visit, whether you’re a wellness junkie or just need some peace and quiet from your daily life.

Reach out to us if you’d like extra perks when booking at Miraval or have questions about our experience.